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If you are looking to invest into a new  safe method of financing Movies then please contact us. Our process ensures you are GUARANTEED pay back of Capital and once the Film is delivered a percentage of the proceeds. Contact us for more information.

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You can learn more about ITA Entertainment Group Limited by browsing through the pages of our website or by contacting us.

Movie Financing can be a very complex and time consuming process both for the INVESTOR and the PRODUCER. ITA FINANCE LIMITED has a process which safeguards the Producer AND the Investor providing certainty over the Project Cashflow and certainty or the Investor.

Our Finance Model provides 100% Cashflow Finance for the Production but we seek to kickstart the process with a minimal investment from the Producer OR a Third Party Investor of approximately 10% of the Producer Budget. This we call the PRODUCER EQUITY (The Producer's "Skin in the deal"). This can be an Investment from the Producer or an Investment from a Third Party made on behalf of the Producer. You can agree via ourselves a package that suits you with good rates of return and your money is secured. Please contact us for more information.

The Full Investment Options can be found here

We see Investment as a TWO WAY process so before we provide you with OUR INVESTMENT DETAILS we require to know a little about you and the Producer's Film Project.

We shall need to know:

IF YOU ARE THE INVESTOR or Seed Financier, then you have the Ability to Invest or if you are the Producer you have the initial investment available. However you are attached to the project we shall require that you can provide a Proof of Funds when requested. We are not asking for a full disclosure at this time but evidence that the desire and ability can be met at the appropriate time.

WE shall also require to know that you are a seasoned Investor and know the risks involved with Investment into Feature Film therefore:

You understand the Risk of Investment. No Investment is Foolproof but we aim to MINIMISE Risk. In our model, ANY INVESTMENT you make is Non-Depleted. Your funds are not touched but are regarded as collateralisation until such time that the project is fully financed.

We do not make Upfront Charges. In fact all our earnings are outside of the scope of the Movie financing. We re-invest from the value received upon the success of your Movie.

We also guarantee to pay a Penalty to you should we fail to meet our commitment.

You are prepared to sign a disclaimer and a NDA.

If you are happy to proceed on this basis then upon receipt of your email acknowledging the above we shall send the NDA and an ACCESS CODE.